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Dealerships that focus on converting leads into car sales are bound to hit
their goals. That’s why DuDrives exists to provide dealerships with
quality car loan leads.

With our worry-free buyback guarantee, there’s no reason for you not to
save your marketing dollars and let us do the work for you!

What is a CPL (Cost Per Lead) Program?

A Cost Per Lead program is a digital marketing campaign that guarantees you a minimum number of leads, that fits defined criteria. Instead of simply guaranteeing a certain number of clicks and impressions we offer guaranteed leads. Having an increase in website traffic is, of course, wonderful and as part of your campaign with us, you will see an uplift in traffic.

No More Wasted Ad Spend

Our certified marketing experts generate qualified real-time leads in your area, so you can focus on selling more cars.

We care about
your conversions

Our quality assurance team manually processes every
application to ensure the highest quality possible. We
approve applicants based on the following criteria:

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Applicant earns over AED 3,000 per month income

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Applicant has been employed for the last 3 months

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Applicant can obtain vehicle insurance

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Applicant has a valid phone number and email

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Applicant lives within your geo-targeted area

Convenience Matters

Customize Your Package

Form 30 to 1000+, you choose the amount of leads you require per month. For aggressive dealers, we offer simple pay as you go solutions.

Account Managers

Our knowledgeable account managers are here to assist you 24/7 with any inquiry that may arise.

CRM Integration

We can integrate with all dealer CRMs, pushing leads directly to you within minutes of an application.

Track Ad Spend

Know where we are spending your money! Our smart platform allows our clients to track advertising spend and relevant statistical information.

Guaranteed Results
OR Your Money Back!

Exclusive Leads

Every lead produced is 100% exclusive to your dealership

Real-Time Leads

Leaders are delivered to your dealership in real time, so you can get on the phone when your customer is available to talk.

Live Transfers

We offer live transfer for dealerships who want to speak with qualified customers in real-time

Quality Assurance

Every lead goes through a through process to ensure our quality meets your expectations.

Targeted Leads

Our leads are generated within your custom grographical territory. We target customers who are ready to buy now.

Buy Bank Guarantee

We have a no hassle return policy if the lead does not meet our guaranteed qualifications.

Smart. Affordable. Reliable.

Start getting quality customers you can count on with DuDrives today.

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