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Every customer application from Du Drives® includes all the relevant information about a customer that is required to initiate a sale. This includes their contact information, employment and income details, residential status, etc. giving you a complete snapshot of their current situation. Every last customer goes through a comprehensive quality check, completed by one of our dedicated Customer Service Representatives, who confirm that the application is complete and the contact details are legitimate.
The cost of a customer application depends on several factors. From the order size, to the desired target territory, to the length of your commitment.
There are many benefits to purchasing customer applications from Du Drives. By having a predetermined number of customers delivered to your dealership each month at a set price you are able to easily track the ROI of your advertising spend, and thanks to the scale of our advertising efforts we can reach customers for considerably less money than if you reached them yourself. In addition you are able to experience consistent customer traffic throughout the year. Thanks to our extensive advertising campaigns Du Drives can guarantee that your order will be filled, even during months that are typically slow in the auto industry.

When you buy customer applications you no longer have to worry about advertising. We send you as many customers as you like, so you are able to spend your time and resources completing sales rather than trying to find new customers.
We offer packages from 20 to 2000+ customer applications per month. We reach over 1 million UAE Residents every day with our advertising efforts, so we can accommodate even the largest package requests.
Delivery can be customized to suit your needs. We are able to send you customer applications via email or we can integrate directly with your CRM (DealerSocket, Dealertrack, etc) so they are pushed straight into your chosen platform within minutes of the customer applying.

You are also in control of the pace at which you receive customer applications. Whether you want 20 a day or 20 a month, it’s up to you.

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