DuDrives connects you with vehicle financing programs in your area. With over 35 dealer partners across U.A.E offering various makes and models you can be sure to find the vehicle you want, at a price you can afford. Our online application allows you to get pre-approved for a car loan from anywhere.

How It Works

  • Save energy, Save time, save money, and get the vehicle you want. Du Drives helps simplify the process of buying a vehicle and ensures that all candidates get access to the financing they need.
  • We are not a loan broker. We are the easist way to for you to buy your dream car from a local dealership in a matter of minutes. We help our customers connect with local dealerships nearby that are specialized in helping people with all types of credit. This ensures that our customers are able to buy the vehicle they want, but it would be our partners that will be helping with the financing.
  • Any type you want! SUV's, crossovers, sedans, 4x4's, sports cars, you name it.
  • Provided by Al Etihad Credit Bureau, it’s a three-digit score assigned to an individual that has a credit history. The higher your credit score the higher the probability of getting your car loan approved with potentially lower interest rates. It collects financial information from various sources, analyzing your overall financial health to then generating a credit report of your financial profile. Credit scores in the UAE range from 300 to 900. Usually, a credit score above 700 is considered acceptable, and a credit score below 400 is most likely to be rejected by most banks. If your credit score is somewhere in between the two, you can improve it as well. If you miss payments on existing commitments, like credit card payments or your electricity bill, these can have a negative effect on your credit score.
  • It is the ratio between total installment paid on loans and monthly income. Central Bank regulations make it mandatory that one’s debt to burden ratio should not exceed 50 per cent of his/her total monthly income.
  • When evaluating an individual's credit worthiness and eligibility for a loan, banks generally look at the consumers debt to burden ratio to reach a decision. The debt to burden ratio is effectively a % of your income that you are paying towards maintaining all your debts every month. Every bank has different rules and requirements depending on the loan product and total amount the consumer is looking to borrow, however as per the Central Bank's requirements, the maximum permissible debt to burden ratio is 50% and if you are a pensioner it is 30%. Find out your Debt to Burden Ratio using our calculator to discover if you are spending over 50% of your monthly salary towards maintaing your debt obligations.
  • You can get your credit report online, here or by downloading the Al Etihad Credit Bureau app. It and will cost you Dh140 for a credit report with score.
  • Yes, you need a credit report before getting approved for a loan. In majority of the cases, the banks will take care of that for you.
  • It varies between bank to bank but it should take a maximum of 1 day from the time you decide which car you want to purchase.
  • Definitely. The more consistent you are with loan payments, the better your credit score.
  • Yes, our partner dealers take trade ins even if you have an outstanding loan on the car. It is also possible to use your trade in as a down payment to help you lower your monthly payments.
  • Yes, we can help. Depending on your debt to burden ratio and your credit score, you could be eligible for a car loan through one of our trusted dealer partners. Apply now through our application and one of our dealer partners will contact you to help you get a car loan for If you've been rejected before, it is always worth trying to get approved for a car loan through another bank or possibly even looking for a lower priced vehicle. We would highly recommend you also become a member of the DuDrives community to gain access to valuable car buying advice, exclusive partner offers, our monthly newsletter and also access to a selection of deeply discounted deals on cars every month. Click here to join now for free.
  • No. When our dealership partner initially gets in contact with you, the intent is to inform you of what your options are. From there, you are able to make an informed decision upon whether you would like to make a vehicle purchase.


Vehicles and Payment Details

  • Once you have completed our application and we have connected you with the best dealership close to you, you will be able to view their options and pick a vehicle that works for you.
  • The max tenure for a loan in the U.A.E for a car loan is 60 months whether you are financing a new or used car. In some cases, the banks require that a used car be no older than 10 years upon completion of a loan so the maximum tenure of a used car loan in that case would be shorter.
  • You can get a car loans in the U.A.E for both new and used cars through a local bank that you currently bank with or one that is recommended by the dealership that you are purchasing your car from.
  • Everyone's affordability differs based on their total monthly income and total outstanding liabilities. However, it is required that your equal monthly installments (EMI) for your used car loan be less than half your salary (after including all your liabilities which include credit cards).

    For example, if you make AED 10,000 a month, your monthly car loan payments have to be under AED 5,000 a month. And if you have an existing loan which you are making monthly payments towards, say in this case that is AED 1,000 a month, then your used car loan payments cannot exceed AED 4,000 a month. If you have a credit card, only 5% of that balance counts towards your existing liabilities.
    Apply Now through DuDrives and we will connect you to one of our trusted dealer partners who will help you get the car you want in the budget you need. You can also read this question to find out more about your Debt to Burden Ratio and how that impacts the amount you would get pre-approved for.
  • In order to settle your car loan, you have to completely pay off all the outstanding balance that is owed to your bank along with an early settlement fee which varies from bank to bank.
  • An early settlement fee is applicable in the event that you decide to pay off your car loan earlier than expected. It varies from bank to bank but when deciding which bank to finance your car with, you should look into their early settlement fee structure. Many banks offer no settlement fees whereas some charge 1% or more.
  • Yes, you are able to sell your car with a loan in Dubai. You can sell your car back to the dealer or to the new buyer. But in either case, you need to first release the car loan mortgage from the bank that is financing your car loan in order to transfer the ownership. You would need to get a no objection letter and provide it to the buyer so they can transfer the ownership of the car with ease.
  • You can transfer the ownership of your used car in Dubai by simply visiting a RTA authorized registration centre and completing the necessary documentation which include your driver's licence, a copy of your ID/passport, new insurance from the buyer along with your registration card.
  • You can get your EMI through this EMI Calculator
  • The interest rates differ from bank to bank, can vary from 1.99% to 6% per month with the repayment period being anywhere from 1 to 5 years.